What's the best way to change to a new
market research platform ?  (Intro)



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Geoff expands on :

  • How changing market research platforms can be difficult.
  • The benefits of change.
  • How you can introduce a new platform in stages and keep your existing processes.


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What's the best way to make the change to a new market research platform?

There's a lot of change that's going to need to happen at the agency in order to get the value of that single source of truth and all of the different functionality in the platform. And that requirement for change, that has a cost and we as a platform provider, we acknowledge that. It's important that we acknowledge that. It can be quite scary, so the people who sign the checks, they obviously see the value of the whole end to end process. But somebody who cares just about data processing, or cares just about analysis - they don't get that whole picture. And for them, they've got established work practices with established systems, and established processes that they're going to have to change and you've got change that has to happen right throughout that workflow with a whole bunch of different people and it can be scary and quite intimidating. The good news is that we've got quite a bit of experience now in helping agencies navigate that change.

We have worked out ways to make sure that everybody along that workflow practice, all the key stakeholders, can see the big picture so they're motivated, they know that there is a payoff for making the change. And we've worked out ways that we can work with them, with those individuals to do on-boarding, training, workshopping in order for them to minimize the impact of the change they need to make.

- Geoff Lowe, Executive Director