How Orange is changing their brand perception by implementing innovative technology.

When a multi-national telecommunications company with an innovative, technology-driven culture wanted to truly understand its customers, what did they do?

Orange, which has more than 263 million customers across 29 countries, digitally transformed the way it approached its market research - with the help of Infotools.

Orange understood that in the hyper-competitive telecom sector, its chance at coming out on top meant consistent, highly personalized experiences at every customer touchpoint. This required listening to those customers - across borders, languages and cultural needs - through a digitally based, fast, effective market research program.

This paper, presented at the industry's leading annual conference - ESOMAR Congress - delves into a step-by-step analysis on finding the right solution for Orange and how insights from brand-new, customizable approach to research are impracting business success and customer understanding. Download the paper now to find out how comprehensive digital market research technology can transform the way you interact with your target audiences.

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