Learning from those who have made it.

Since launching our podcast early this year, we’ve had the distinct pleasure of speaking with more than 30 insights professionals from all sectors of the insights industry.

Eye opening and fascinating, talking to those who are on-the-ground in all types of roles has helped our listeners build an even greater understanding of the industry as it stands today. What we’ve noticed is that, no matter the area of expertise, our guests consistently touched a few key themes facing market researchers right now.

We've boiled these three themes into an article, which you can access on this page. The top themes we touch on are:

  • Fighting for data quality.
  • Integrating new methodologies.
  • Focusing on the human element.

We hope you find the article useful and can put some of the advice to good use in your career. If you have any feedback on this or would like to discuss anything, please reach out through the contact us page. 


The team at Infotools


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