Is your market research platform fit for purpose?  (Intro)



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Geoff expands on :

  • Why business intelligence (BI) tools struggle with market research data.
  • How you can automate further with the right platform.
  • How you can optimize your workflow to get insights to clients faster.

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  • Why having one source of truth is critical for market researchers to deliver insights faster and eliminate errors.
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Is your market research platform is fit for purpose? (Intro)

There's a bunch of things you're going to want to look at in your current system to know if it's fit for purpose. The purpose is to take primary market research data, turn that into analyses, which then generates insights and then be able to share those insights with the people who care about them. Ultimately the purpose is so that you as an agency, have a client, who has a better understanding of their world, their customers, their competitors, and their brands than they did, because of the insights you have generated. 

How do you know your platform is fit for purpose? If you have a platform that works natively with the complexities of market research, of sampling, of missing data, of weighting and can get your data in shape for analysis as fast as possible, as automatically as possible, and if you can do all of the analysis that you want to investigate the data, to find the patterns in the relationships, and turn those analyses into insights, to find things out, get new information that you didn't have before, that you then can then share with the client and then share it seamlessly with the client in a way that they can increase their understanding, do good things with the data in other words, make good decisions and take good actions - that's how you know that you've got a platform that's fit for purpose.

- Geoff Lowe, Executive Director