How do you maintain the integrity of your
market research data?  


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How do you maintain the integrity of your market research data?

One of the challenges that you face in a platform like this, if you going to assume the value of a single source of truth, (so you have one platform that maintains the integrity of the data), you've got to have that platform meet the needs of a whole bunch of different people in that market research workflow. So, it needs to care about the source of the data that's coming in. In fact, it needs to be agnostic to the source of data that's coming in. It needs to not care whether the data is coming in as an SPSS file, as a flat file, a CSV file for example, or from a platform like Dimensions or Qualtrics or Voxco or Decipher, it mustn't care about that, and then when the data is in the platform, it needs to meet all of the needs of that part of the workflow (the people who do the data processing), that they shape the data up, they're the ones that are getting it ready for the next stage, which the analysis. They've got some very complex needs. They need to get the constructions right, they need to get the labels of the variables right, then there's all the needs of the people who are going to be investigating the data, looking for the patterns and the relationships. They're going to need a really full-featured market research data analysis tool (crosstabs and charts and all - all the things that we market researchers love), and then once they've done their bit, you have got all the needs of the people who are going to be pulling reports together, engaging reports because you want your clients to engage in it, in order to get value out of it, engaging, good-looking, fast, efficient and easily distributed. So you've got a whole bunch of different sets of needs that the platform has to deliver. And all this is based on that fundamental value of a single source of truth.If you're going to have that you then have to have a platform that ticks the needs of all of those parts of the market research workflow. 

So at the end of the day as researchers, we want our clients to be successful. The better our clients understand what's going on in their little world, the better decisions are going to make for their brands, for their customers, and the better actions they're going to take, the better the outcome. So that's ultimately what we're trying to do. In order to do that effectively we've got to generate good quality insights, so that the ideas, the new ideas, the new information has to be high quality, it has to be unique - but it also has to be delivered fast.  So the real magic of the single source of truth is that it builds confidence in the quality of the data, because there's a lot less scope for error to creep in, and it gets that data that people trust into insights into the client's hands fast.

So you think of the things that mattered there: quality - we trust the data, and speed - we get it to them fast because there's no breaks in the workflow, and we get really cool deliverables that clients are going to engage in, that's going to make them care about the insights that you're finding, in their hands fast. So what are those things - it's quality, it's speed and it's cool.

So there is a question about why speed to insight is important, and (it's) on the face of it's a pretty obvious thing, and that is because a lot of the insights or the knowledge that you gain from market research data is of the moment. It's going to get old unless you get it in the hands of people who can take action with it immediately. Not all data, some data, which doesn't change much, or some information, or some knowledge that isn't going to change much needs to hang around. There is clear value in that speed to insight when the data is the kind of data that's going to decay in value. 

But if you've got high-level, corporate knowledge that you want people to come back and not forget, but be able to be reminded of regularly, you also need to be able to make that hang around. So you've got to have a platform that can do both. It gets speed to insight and gets the value (out of) out of knowledge that will decay overtime fast, but you also need to be able to give people easy access to that fundamental, base knowledge that doesn't change much that they always need to be reminded of, that always needs to have new information overlaid on it to give people the full picture of what's going on right now.

We've built a single platform that does everything from data to delivery, so we're source agnostic. We bring in any kind of data that you want. That's your data, and you go through the data organizing, the data analysis and visualization, the reporting and sharing to get those insights. We build all of that on that single platform. We've done this so that Harmoni is the best platform for data processing, for analysis for visualization and for reporting. It ticks all of those boxes and I think that it's a unique platform in that regard. There is no other platform I'm aware of out there that is looking to give the value of that single source of truth and therefore be flexible enough to meet the needs of all of the people who care about the data sources. the data processing, the analysis, visualization and sharing. We tick all of those boxes on that foundation of single source of truth value.

- Geoff Lowe, Executive Director