Need to deliver high-value insights in an engaging, dynamic and easy-to-use way? Here's how...

Our client, Orange, operates in a highly competitive, telecommunications market. Their forward-thinking, customer first approach gives them a competitive edge, but to achieve this, they need to engage directly with their brand tracking and customer experience studies.

The real challenge is to bring the data and feedback to the business decision makers. This is why the Orange Market Research team, together with Infotools, developed a cost-effective digital solution that helps their stakeholders in a real and engaging way.

Discover how we helped them to:

  1. Create a versatile digital solution that provides customized market insights, to a diverse set of stakeholders.
  2. Leverage technology to help them meet the demand for better insights   within existing budgets.
  3. Shift their spend from production of data to delivery of high-value market insights.
  4. Engage all stakeholders, with varying levels of technological and analytical abilities, across multiple languages and cultures.

By revolutionizing how they deliver insights, making data engaging, dynamic and easy-to-use, they've brought market research data back to the heart of their business.

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