Market research agency, MDI Global has found the future of market research – and it's been in our pockets all along. MDI is using mobiles to connect to its clients' consumers, and making sense of the huge flow of data with Infotools Harmoni.

Read this case study to discover:

  • How a successful market research solution started (and kept on!) delivering multiple streams of high volume, rich data.

  • Methods for making sense of all this data, fast. And how to report back to the client with actionable insights.

  • How a small, agile team was able to make quick work of it with Infotools Harmoni, a software platform purpose-built to simplify the processing, analyzing, visualizing and sharing of market research data.

With a flexible, simple approach, MDI was able to gain huge leverage over massive amounts of consumer data. Read the complete case study to find out more.

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